FO: Passionflower top

Yay! I’ve finally finished something. The passionflower top is done and I love it! It fits really well and is probably the best item of clothing I’ve knitted so far.

The yarn was Sublime Soya Cotton DK in pomegranate. It’s a nice yarn to work with but I have a feeling that there will be quite a lot of dye coming out when I wash it. My fingers had a red tinge to the them as I was knitting!

The pattern, which was featured in the August issue of Knitting magazine, was very straight-forward and it knitted up quite quickly – I only started this a couple of weeks ago. Initially I didn’t swatch and used a whole ball of yarn before I realised that it was turning out a bit bigger than it should, so I had to undo it all and start again on smaller needles. I think I also made a mistake in the number of rows I did in reverse stocking stitch on one side. Both the back and front came out to the right measurements and holding them together they were the same length, but the point where you switch from reverse to normal stocking stitch wasn’t quite in the same place. Whoops! Didn’t matter too much though as I was able to ease it together correctly when I seaming.

I also learnt the proper way to do mattress stitch on two pieces of reverse stocking stitch. (The Knitter’s Bible book to the rescue.)

I would quite happily make this top again.

Now… time to finish the blanket.


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