An abundance of squares (part 4)

And yet more squares… (I’m omitting ones which are repeats of previous ones in different colours)

Square with diagonal eyelet panels

Cross stitch diamond square

Stocking stitch square with lace panel

Can’t remember what this one is, but it was from a stitch pattern book, rather than doing the magazine one.

Fair-isle pattern

I really like this one.

Moss Stitch Diamond Square


5 thoughts on “An abundance of squares (part 4)

  1. Thank you so much for your help. I have tried to get the magazine but it seems they are not publishing it anymore. I was wondering, about the stocking stitch with lace panel picture, is it upside down? I am trying to make a similar square using your picture.

  2. Hi. I am wondering if you still have the pattern for square 77. The top square with diagonal eyelet panels? I am halfway through the square but can’t find the pattern for the life of me. Goodness knows what I have done with it.

    If you do I would be incredible grateful if you could email me a photo of the pattern instructions or email me the pattern instructions. My email is tarshw at .

    Thank you so much.

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