The last of the squares

Not been doing much in the way of blogging recently because I’ve been acting as an Extra in a movie – Alice in Wonderland, directed by Tim Burton.  It was a brilliant experience and whilst waiting around between filming scenes I managed to do a bit of knitting.  Lots of people commented and asked me what I was doing.  The only negative comment I had was from an elderly gentleman who told me that I must be an old woman to be knitting!  I wasn’t impressed, especially coming from a person who was probably in their 70s themselves.  I thought an older person might have liked to see younger people doing such a hobby.

All of the blanket squares have finally been completed…  I especially like the white, red, pink and blue striped one.

2 row garter stitch stripes
2 row garter stitch stripes
Can't remember what this one is called
Forgotten what this is called
Garter Stitch Stripes
Garter Stitch Stripes

I’ve sewn it all together now and have done one round of crochet edging.  Another round of edging to do (tonight in front of Strictly Come Dancing) and then it’s done!!! Whoopie!!


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