FO: Shaker-style throw

And it’s finally finished…

shaker-style throw from the Art of Knitting
shaker-style throw from the Art of Knitting

I’m really pleased with it. 😀


16 thoughts on “FO: Shaker-style throw

  1. hey thats awesome

    any chance you know of a site i can get hold of the patterns?

    i tried to get the art of knitting but it wasn’t supplied at my local x

  2. Hi – I think your throw looks wonderful – I too was wondering now that the magazine has come out (all parts that is) how you can obtain the patterns. I would really love to do this!!! Please let me know if you can help.

      1. Vicky , pleaselet me know how i cAN GET HOLD OF THE PATTERNS, i have a fewbutneed the lastbit. is it art of knitting as i did ask them and they replied its dicontinued. that was about three months ago?

      2. The Art of Knitting is being published again. It started about a month or so ago I think. So check in your local newsagent.

  3. Could you tell me how you did the outside edge?was it croched.
    I have only the first 23 patterns,so Im trying to piece it together from the pictures.cant afford to buy the rest….


  4. Thanks Vicky, i have started with the crochet collection that is out now…. and i asked them about the art of knitting one and waiting for a reply …. i need the squares from nr 60 onwards… not to much … i do have odds of wool from the other ones left and will have to make do with my imagination to complete if need be… What are you busy with ??

  5. Desperately looking for as many The art of knitting issues which contain the Shaker Throw. Can anybody help or point me in the right direction. Pam

  6. I need to buy the wool like you used in your throw, where would one get it but in bigger balls, I have started a second throw but prefer the colours of older throw?

  7. Do you have a photograph of the completed shaker throw as I have done all the squares but cant find the instructions as to how to sew the blanket up. I have lost I think the cardboard picture from the first issue which had the layout

    1. Here’s a picture I took when finished. If you look through my posts in the Blanket category you’ll see I’ve taken photos of the 9 square blocks as I sewed them up.

      1. Sorry Vicki do you mean the one at the top of the page, or am I missing the link to the photograph. Sorry to be a pest, and I will look at the posts in the blanket category. Thank you.

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