Learning to crochet

Well, doing the crochet edging on the shaker-style blanket was quite fun, so I thought I’d try and learn how to crochet properly.  Mum bought me a book last year to learn, but I didn’t get very far with it.

So with the blanket finished, I picked up the crochet hook and some of the left over yarn, opened the book and started to try and fathom out what a foundation chain is and the difference between double crochet and treble.

My aim is to be able to make these earrings, which are crocheted granny squares with wire. I remember making granny squares with Mum when I was a child, but goodness knows how I managed to do it?  This crocheting lark is not easy and I remember nothing from my childhood attempts!

As I struggled to get my head around it all, the memories of learning to knit came flooding back… the way I used to magically gain stitches, the dropped stitches and the cries of “Mum, help!”.  Learning to crochet has been very similar: the awkwardness of handling the hook and yarn, wrapping the yarn the wrong way, not being able to determine where I should be putting the hook in the previous stitches and the laughter from Mum when I went to her for help because I had got it terribly wrong!

But eventually knitting clicked and when I actually understood how stitches were constructed, and I’m sure that crochet will do too… eventually!

But I do have to ask – what’s with having to hold the yarn in the left hand?  All the books and tutorials I’ve read this week say you have to hold the hook in the right hand and yarn in the left, as well as holding the piece you’re working on in the left hand.  I knit English style, and it’s so much easier to do the same with crochet and hold the yarn in my right hand!

Somehow I completed a granny square.  Now to try a hairband.


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