Knit and Natter

Just got back from the first “Knit and Natter” meet and had a lovely evening so had to blog about it straight away. Kay, the lady who has started it hosts the evening in her shop in our village. The shop is primarily an antiques shop but a few months ago she started selling yarn too as she and her sister (who was also there tonight) are keen knitters.

There were 9 of us sat round a large pine table in the middle of the shop; some with many, many years of knitting experience, some wanting to relearn after having tried a long time ago and some learning for the first time.

It was really nice to chat and share tips, describe things we’ve made in the past and showing what is currently on the needles. I smiled as the learners struggled to work out whether they were meant to be on a knit row or a purl row and the exclamations when they dropped a stitch. They reminded me of myself when I was learning and making all the same mistakes and not understanding all the same things. I was able to jump in and help on a couple of occasions and it felt good to be able to pass on some knowledge and reassure them that we were all like that at first and it won’t be long before they’re knitting a jumper!

I started working on the tunic but had to undo most of what I did because I ended up not having enough stitches. I exclaimed too when i realised! I must have missed some increases somewhere but I can’t see where. I hate it when a pattern will give the instructions for about a dozen different rows, all requiring something slightly different to happen, all in one sentence! You know the sort of thing I mean? For example, “continue in pattern increasing at edge on the next 6 right side rows and the following 4th row whilst decreasing on the 3rd, 5th and 7th row at the other end.” inevitably I forget one of the increases! I guess the writer is trying to save paper but I’m going to have to rewrite it out row by row and calculate how many stitches I should have after each row. It doesn’t help with this pattern that the lace panel section which has to be incorporated in written out on the previous page so you have to keep turning back and forth!

Knit and Natter is going to happen every fortnight and I’m looking forward to it. Someone asked if I could take my blanket to show them next time!


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