Knit and Natter

We had our second Knit and Natter meeting last night.  One person was away on holiday but we had a new person join us.  It was great to see how a couple of the beginners had progressed with their projects during the past two weeks.

I’ve decided to reknit a hat that I made last year.  I’d adapted the pattern but was never very happy with it, so I ripped it all out and have started again.  The tunic dress is far too complicated to take along last night.  I have to concentrate too hard on it that I can chat whilst I work.

I also took along my blanket to show the others and they loved it.  A couple of people want to try and do something similar themselves now.

Mum also bought me a present yesterday – two balls of Rowan Cocoon so I could make myself a hat; one in cream and one in lavendar.  Yummy!  I just need to work out how many stitches to cast on now.


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