Weaving not knitting

This evening I had great fun weaving a scarf.

Last week Mum took a family friend to Spin a Yarn in Bovey Tracey and whilst she was there she saw someone making a scarf by weaving chunky yarn through a special mesh. The store had sold their display item so were making a replacement. Mum thought this looked really good so picked up a grey mesh and a white one as well as some suitable yarn, so that we could have a go ourselves.

The mesh is by a Swiss company called Lanartus and it is really soft but not fragile. One of balls of yarn was also by Lanartus, called Sumo and is in a sea green mix of colours.

lanartus sumo yarn

The other is a Gedfrida yarn in white with bits of orange and gold.

This afternoon she was in Totnes and popped into Sally Carr and saw a Texere variety pack – lengths of different fancy yarns – in just the right colours to match the chunky yarn she’d bought. She had this wonderful idea of how the thin glittery lengths would lift the sea blue colours of the Sumo yarn.

So this evening I sat down after dinner and tried it out. Mum graciously let me just get on with it how I wanted.


Half way through the scarf
Half way through the scarf

Weaving was easy and I soon got into a rhythm. I threaded a tapestry needle and went under and over, leaving a short length at the end before cutting. Then I started the next column, this time going over and under. I guess how you weave depends on the pattern you want to create. You could even go widthways. I picked a few lengths from the variety pack to add in and I was delighted with how it turned out. The only fiddly bit was stitching the ends of the yarn to the mesh to stop them coming out.

It took just 1 ball of the sumo yarn to make a 1.5 metre scarf.


Finished woven scarf
Finished woven scarf

I can see that this will be a favourite scarf for a while. I might even make some as presents for friends.


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