My first sock

Well tonight I started my first ever sock! I was given a ball of sock yarn last Christmas but still hadn’t given it a go. When I’ve used DPNs in the past I’ve not been very good. But a lady at Knit and Natter is a prolific sock knitter and I know she’ll help me if I get stuck turning the heel or whatever.

For those readers who’ve no idea about how to knit a sock, here’s what I’m doing:

I have four 2.75mm double-pointed needles (DPNs). I cast on 60 stitches then divided the stitches evenly between three of the needles. I put a marker on the first stitch so I can see where the row/round starts. Then with the fourth needle I knit the stitches on the first needle. This needle then becomes the empty one and so I use it to knit the stitches on the second needle. And you keep doing this round and round and round so you are knitting a tube. When you get to the marker each time, you know you’ve completed a full circle.

It can be quite tricky trying to handle all these needles but I found I got into a rhythm.

Made fairly good progress tonight. I have to move the changeover stitch around because when I start knitting on the next needle, the first stitch was quite loose even though I pulled the yarn as tight as I can.


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