FO: Magenta bag

The sock continues… I turned the heel ok I think and now am working on the gusset shaping.

But here’s a recent finished project.

magenta felted bag

This was my second felting project and it was a lot easier than last time.  The pattern was from a recent issue of Let’s Knit magazine and the felting wool was from

Knit on 10mm needles, it was quick to knit and turned out huge.  I wasn’t sure how much it would shrink when felted, but it shrank to just the right size.  I felted it by simply sticking it in the washing machine at 40 deg C.  I might line it with some pink fabric when I get time.  It was supposed to have a flap to do it up, but  I didn’t have enough fushia pink wool left to do it – the only draw back of the pattern and its yarn requirements.


One thought on “FO: Magenta bag

  1. Hi
    Saw you bag and was surprised to see it. I have just finished knitting the very same bag. I got my wool from the same people but I did the bag with 100g of each colour and got the toggle button as well. It was my first felting project and was so exited when it felted. I now have the bug and want to felt everything!


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