Merry Christmas!

A couple of days late I know, but I had no intention of turning on my computer on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with family and friends around you.

We had a quiet and relaxing Christmas here. Just my parents, brother and I at home. We went to Midnight Communion which is completely candlelit and very special. And I went to church on Christmas morning too – I know – extra holy! Normally we get together with family friends on Christmas night, but that didn’t happen this year due to some of them having flu. So we watched TV and films and chilled out with lots of good food. Yesterday was much the same and I got to do some knitting too. Today, Dad and my brother have gone to the sales but I can’t face the crowds, so thought I’d take a few minutes to show you all the lovely knitting related gifts I received.

christmas presents 2008

A knitting desk calendar (with a new pattern for every day of the year!), a novel called Needles and Pearls (the sequel to Divas Don’t Knit), Holiday Knits (a selection of knitting projects for the festive season, a bag to hold my knitting when I go to Knit and Natter, and some yummy yarn: enough balls of Rowan Silk Wool DK in a burgundy colour, to make a cardigan that I want to do, and some hanks of possum yarn from New Zealand.

Possum is so warm and soft. Several years ago when I went to New Zealand I bought Mum and possum wool scarf and she loves it. She then bought me a possum scarf one Christmas and I got a friend to pick us up some gloves when they went to NZ a couple of years ago. We love possum wool!

I think I might make a hat with this yarn. I know, another hat, but I do love hats!


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