Teaching friends to knit

Had Knitting Lesson No.1 with a friend last night. She loved it and did really well. I cast on for her then showed her knit stitch which she did for a few rows, then she starting purling alternate rows and she began to understand the difference between garter and stocking stitch. We tried ribbing and whilst she immediately noticed how knit and purl stitches look different on the needle, she went a bit out of sync with the ribbing, so didn’t do that for very long. I showed her how to cast off too and she proudly went home with her little swatch, which she said her daughter could use in her dolls house!

Her husband’s reaction when she got home? “Is that all you did in two hours?” Cheeky man!! I think she picked it up really quickly and even got some speed up on knit rows.

Next lesson I will show her how to cast on – both thumb method and the knitting-on method. I personally prefer the thumb method but my Mum casts on the other way – we’re all different, so I’ll let my friend choose which she prefers.

If anyone has any advice on teaching friends to knit, then do share it. I’m never been great at explaining anything so probably confuse people when I’m showing them things!


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