Birthday gifts

Last week was my birthday.  I turned 32, although I’ve been telling myself that since hitting 30 I can actually go backwards in age and so this year I am 28!  Having said that, an article in today’s Daily Mail says that women feel at their most beautiful at age 32.  Not sure if that’s true for me – I found a very long grey hair yesterday that I quickly pulled out 😀

Anyway, the most exciting present I had was a Nintendo Wii.  Much fun has been had over the past few days with family and friends.  I did get some knitting related gifts though too, which I wanted to share:

A crafter’s version of Monopoly, called Stitchopoly.  Yet to play it, but it looks like a nice alternative to the traditional game.


Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard which contains quite a few patterns that I’d like to try.  I already have yarn in my stash that I know would be ideal for two of the jumpers.


Things I learned from knitting and Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  Stephanie is well known in online knitting communities as has been writing a knitting blog for many years now.  She’s penned several knitting books and I’d had these two on my wishlist for a little while.



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