More hats…

I haven’t actually written much about what I’m knitting at the moment and surprise, surprise it is yet more hats.  

The possum hat

It’s in two parts – a horizontal ribbed part which wraps around my head, then a piece for the top.  I’ve done the ribbed part but don’t quite know how I’m going to the top piece.  So I’ve put it one side and got on with a cabled hat instead.

 sarah's cable hat

This hat is actually for a friend, not for me.  A white cabled hat with a pompom on the top, came into her possession.  I won’t tell you how, but she ended up with this hat and she really liked it.  However the risk that the hat might be reclaimed by the original owner prompted her to ask me to knit one of her own for her.  I didn’t have a pattern for a cabled hat so a quick search on Ravelry to get some ideas of what sort of cables looked good on a hat and I sort of concocted my own interpretation of some of the ones I saw.

I do like wearing hats and I like knitting hats because they are usually quite quick, however I think that I might have overdosed on hats now.  There are only so many hats that a girl can wear.  I need to finish these hats pronto and get my teeth into something more substantial.


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