On my own…

On my own today.  Mum and Dad have gone to visit my Grandmother for the day and so it’s just me and the dog.  I always think that on days like this, I’ll be able to do loads, plus have some “me” time.  But it’s now 4 o’clock and my to-do list is still looking quite long!

I started knitting a cardigan a couple of weeks ago.  It’s called Sparkle and is from Rowan Classic book 16. The stitch pattern is really quite interesting – a moss rib stitch with a garter stitch collar and I’m using Rowan Classic Silk Wool DK in a lovely dark red shade called Bramble. 

sparkle cardi in progress

It took me a while to get into it and work out what the stitch pattern was doing but now that I am is going fine and growing at a reasonable speed.  I have to concentrate though to be sure that I’m doing it correctly and am finding that Knit and Natter nights aren’t so good for concentrating!   Too much gossiping and laughing!

Knit and Natter is going well though.  A friend who is learning to knit, has come the last two meets and seems to be enjoying herself too.  She’s knit a scarf and now on her second project – a ribbed beanie.  She did a great job with the scarf – it was neat and she completed it quickly.  I think she’s finding the beanie more tricky and forgets sometimes to move the yarn back and forth when changing between knit and purl. I remember doing the same myself.  It’s actually good to be around beginner knitters because it’s easy to forget how difficult I used to find knitting at the beginning.

Think I ought to take the dog for a walk now, then back to my list of jobs!


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