Too tired to knit?

So tired today.  Went to stay with a friend in Cheltenham this weekend and went to a charity dinner with her. It was a great night but it must have been nearly 2am by the time I got to bed.  I haven’t been up that late in ages!  Was awake at 8am – why do I always wake up early after a late night?  

I was home by lunchtime but then had to finish preparing the youth group session, then was early to church for a music practice, church service, then led youth group.  I tell you, I was so glad when I finally got home at 10pm and could climb into my nice cosy bed.  I think I fell asleep as soon as I turned out the light.

Beautiful day today though.  The sun was shining, the daffodils blooming and the first glimpses of buds on the trees.  I really would have liked to sit in the garden this afternoon and knit or potter in the greenhouse. It’s a shame that work gets in the way.  Days like today really lift the spirit though.  I’m looking forward to summer now.

I was exhausted when I got home from work tonight and so I’ve just spent the evening catching up on TV and knitting the second sleeve of my Sparkle cardigan.  (Sparkle is a Rowan Classic knitting pattern) I was almost too tired to pick up the needles – but I really want to get the cardi finished as I have a new project in mind which I’m dying to start.  New projects are so exciting!


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