FO: Sparkle Cardigan

I finished this cardigan a few weeks ago now, but have only just taken a photo of it.

sparkle cardigan

The pattern comes from the Rowan Classic book 16 and is knitted with Rowan Silk Wool DK in Bramble.  The wool was nice to knit with, although had a few lumps in it where it hadn’t been spun quite right.  I think that maybe that was to do with the silk element.  

I was given the wool for Christmas but had to go and get another ball as I didn’t have enough to finish it off.  As I got nearer and nearer to the end of the final ball, and saw that I still had half the collar to knit, I tried to convince myself that I’d have enough wool, but telling myself that it was enough, didn’t actually make the yarn grow! Fortunately the yarn shop still had some from the same dye lot.  

The stitch pattern makes quite a dense fabric and as such, the cardi is very warm.  I didn’t quite get what the stitches were doing at first and as such, got it wrong right at the start and had to begin again.

I also had a ‘mare when I was adding the collar, which is knitted in two pieces.  I’d sewn it all together, and even woven in the ends, tried it on and something looked odd.   The collar just wasn’t sitting right.  I took it off and looked at it… I’d sewn the pieces on the wrong sides of the cardi.  So I had to undo all my neat seams and redo it.  After a few tantrums and throwing down of the knitting needles in frustration, I finally got it finished by bedtime that night.  It was a relief to get it done.


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