Looking for a knitting group

In my experience, it’s not always easy to find out whether there is a knitting group that meets somewhere near where you live.  Your local yarn shop might run one or know of one, but you might not live particularly close to a yarn shop, especially if you’re in a rural area.  Or maybe the group meets during the day when you’re at work and you’d like to find another evening group.

There are threads on various forums and Ravelry where people list details of where and when their knitting group meets, but I’ve never thought that is a satisfactory way to list them.  It’s not easy to search and the threads can get really long so you could simply not spot a group that might be suitable.

Therefore I decided to build a simple website, where people can add details of their group, and where knitters can look for a group that meets near them.  The groups are organised by region so it’s easy to search.

The site is called Knit Together and can be found at www.knittogether.info

Knit Together

Please visit the site and add your knitting or crochet group.


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