Working on the next blanket

Haven’t done all that much knitting lately.  Some evenings I’ve been working on a cross stitch by way of a change.  But of course, I’ve needed to get on with something at Knit and Knatter, so I’ve been making squares for the Scandinavian Throw that is the second blanket in the Art of Knitting series.

Our Knit and Knatter meeting last week was a fun evening.  One of the regulars brought along a friend who has just started knitting for Rowan.  She’s now working on her third assignment for them, using a new yarn that’s not on sale yet (it doesn’t even have a ball band) and knitting a jumper for an upcoming magazine.  She has to finish it by the middle of July and send it back to them for them to use in a photo shoot.  So perhaps it’s for the Spring/Summer 2010 magazine.

All she has is a sketch of how the piece should look and the written instructions.  She seems a very experienced knitter so I doubt that will be a problem for her.  She had to supply Rowan with lots of samples for them to assess her tension and it sounds quite stringent.  I suppose they have to be though.


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