Picking up the tunic again!

Sat at the bottom of my knitting bag, the tunic dress has been lingering… hiding… from me… for probably about a year.  It’s one of those projects which I was really keen to get started.  It was the most expensive yarn I’d ever bought (Debbie Bliss Pure Silk) and I had plans to finish it to wear to a wedding last August.

That didn’t happen.

I got the whole of the back half finished, and did the skirt section of the front, but the lace panels on the front defeated me.  The pattern isn’t wrong, but it’s just not been very clearly written and I just gave up.  It took me ages to understand how I was meant to even pick up the first row, then incorporating a 16 row lace pattern, together with various armhole shapings, was just too much.  I was having to rewrite out the pattern, row by row.

tunic lace panel

But after all these months, yesterday morning picked it up again.

And almost put it down last night.

I was getting on quite well, but made a couple of silly mistakes which when I tried to fix, made it look worse and then had to rip back 22 rows.

Not happy.


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