Sitting at the sewing machine

I spent a couple of evenings this week at the sewing machine.  Yes, I know… sewing, not knitting!  I haven’t actually done much knitting for a couple of weeks now.  I started a jumper at knitting club this week, but I think I’m going to start over with it, because I don’t like what I’ve done so far!

But I needed to make a sample advent calendar for the craft fair I’m attending in a couple of weeks time.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

The sewing’s not perfect by any means, although the gold thread I used for quilting it is sooooo pretty.  I’d completely forgotten how to do the quilting on Mum’s machine so had to get her to remind me and I knocked the tension dial on the machine and sewed for ages before Mum pointed out that you could see the upper thread colour on the back on the piece which wasn’t right!

But hey, it’ll do as a sample and I’ll probably give it to my brother as a present when the craft fair is over!

If you’re interested you can buy the advent calendar fabric panel in my shop!

I’ve also blogged about the whole making process on the shop’s blog.

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