What I did on my day off…

Last week I took a day off work (yay!), left my Dad in charge of sending out orders (fingers crossed!) and had a day shopping in Bristol.

It was to be a day of getting lost and making detours.  We were making good time and were almost at Cribbs Causeway, our first destination, when we got stuck in the wrong lane on the M5 and ended up heading towards the Severn Bridge.  And of course there was no exit off the motorway until the roundabout just before the bridge.  We went round the roundabout and headed back the way we came, only to find that there was no exit on to the M5 northbound – only south where we had come from.  Rather than driving back towards home, we pulled off and ended up in an industrial estate where we got the Sat Nav out and let it guide us through these little streets which we would never have tried ourselves, and back on to the motor in the right direction!

We had a good couple of hours in Cribbs and lunch at Nandos.  A small amount of yarn was purchased in John Lewis – two skeins of Mirasol Hacho.  Mum’s putting it away for Christmas for me :-D.

Then we headed over to Ikea, where everything we wanted to buy was out of stock!

Then I suggested that we pop over to Get Knitted.  I’d never been before, but of course have heard many people say what a great shop it was.  And it was certainly big!

I was able to look and touch some brands of yarns I’d not seen before which was great and I was very tempted to buy some Blue Sky Alpaca Silk – but I resisted because I didn’t really have a project in mind for it.

It was good to see the shop and marvel at the huge premises. Everything is displayed very nicely.  However it doesn’t have the cosy factor that I think a good yarn shop should have.  I also think that Spin a Yarn (my usual LYS) has a nicer range of less commonly found brands, such as Touch Yarns.  I wouldn’t be bothered about going to Get Knitted again unless I happened to be passing by the door, but I was glad that I went.

Needless to say, we ended up doing a big detour getting home.  We let the Sat Nav take us back to the M5, and it led a very strange way back to the motorway!  We did laugh 😀


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