No snow here :-(

Sadly whilst the east of the UK is covered in snow, we in Devon haven’t any 😦  It really does upset me.  Last time we had a lot of snow in this country, I think the whole country had snow except my town.  It stopped short of us by about 3 miles, skirted around us and continued into Cornwall.  Seriously it did.  I had to get the train to Reading to see a friend and as I looked out of the window over the countryside as we left the station, there was this definite line where the snow had just stopped.  It was as if an invisible shield was put over our town, stopping the snow getting in.

Anyway, instead of real snowflakes, my Mum has been very clever and made large paper ones instead.

Isn’t it impressive? She was helping some other ladies to decorate the church with these and they showed her how to do them.  This article on the Internet also describes how to do them.


One thought on “No snow here :-(

  1. No snow in Oxford, and none in Penryn either! It skirted around my two locations, so you shouldn’t take it personal 🙂

    Nice snow flake from your mum!

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