Our homemade Christmas

If you’re in the UK you may have seen a mini series called Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas.  For those who don’t know, the presenter, Kirstie Allsop usually presents a property show, where she and her co-presenter help people find their ideal house.  But she also likes crafts and interior design too.  So earlier this year she had a series called Kirstie’s homemade home, in which she was renovating a holiday home in North Devon and she decided to “make” a lot of the little things such as lampshades and fire pokers and a knitted draft excluder. However I’m not entirely convinced how much she actually made herself!  Anyway, last week she had a Christmas mini-series, making Christmas decorations and things for the Christmas table like crackers and embroidered napkins and place settings and candles etc.

Well we’ve been doing our own version of a Homemade Christmas and we think ours in much nicer!

Firstly there’s this Christmas tree ornament – a little padded star.  Just two lots of 6 diamond shaped pieces sewn together with a little bit of wadding in between.  Ideal way to use up those little scraps of material that you might have in your stash.

Christmas tree star

Then there’s the Merry Christmas banner.  It only took 5 fat quarters (you can get about 3 letters out of a quarter) and then strung up with some ribbon.

Merry Christmas

She also made these amazing card hangers.  They have pockets in which you can put the cards.


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