Yarny Christmas

Thought I’d show you what knitting related presents Father Christmas brought me this year…

Two skeins of Mirasol Hacho.  Mum actually picked this up for me when we visited Get Knitted a couple of months ago.  I’ve never used Mirasol yarn before but I loved the colours of this particular one.  Don’t know what I’ll use it for.

Mirasol Hacho yarn

Then some Fleece Artist Slubbby Blue which is a 100% blue faced leicester wool.  Again I knew about this as we picked it up at Ally Pally.  It was the colours again that drew me to it. One skein is called Angel Fish and the other is Peacock.

Slubby Blue

Finally on the yarn front is a 250g skein of Fleece Artist Blue Face Aran.  It comes with a pattern to make a felted bag.  I’m not all that fussed about felted items but I think a bag would be a good thing to make with it, so maybe I’ll look around at other bag patterns.

Fleece Artist Blue Faced Aran

I also got a Yarn Harlot desk calendar, so I can have her “purls” of wisdom every day at work next year.

The socks I knitted for my brother fitted – thankfully!  And my best friend’s Dad has asked if I’d knit him some socks too.  So I’ll probably start those soon.  I just need to make sure they’re big enough as his feet have swollen due to medical treatment he’s having.


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