Forays in to french knitting

One of the Christmas presents I was given this year was a french knitting kit from Ingrid de Vane.  The kit consisted of a Wonder Knitter (gadget for doing the french knitting with), a length of ribbon, 2 large beads, 2 strong magnets and a necklace clasp.

I had bought myself a french knitting kit ages ago, to make a beaded wire bracelet, but didn’t really understand the instructions so didn’t do anything with it.  However Ingrid’s instructions were much clearer and I quickly got the hang of it.  The Wonder Knitter tool makes it easy too.

Wind the ribbon round the spokes
Pick up the ribbon and pull over the spoke
You can see the magnet on the end of the ribbon which helps to pull the ribbon down as it grows.
The finished necklace

I didn’t bother to put the clasp on and am happy just to to tie the necklace at the back.  I’m definitely going to buy some more ribbon kits.

I also did some experimenting with some glittery yarn I had, which worked quite well and would make a nice bracelet and some wire. The wire needs beads on it really and some sort of cord in the middle of it, because it’s too fragile on its own.  It would just bend out of shape.  But it was good to try it.

I’m going to make the bracelet from the old kit I bought next, now I know what to do.  I like this french knitting lark!


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