FO: More socks

I finished this pair of socks last night for my best friend’s Dad.  Medical treatment means that his feet have swollen so he needed them to be larger than normal.

I used some Regia 4 ply we had in the stash and each sock took pretty much a whole 50g ball.

He’s very pleased with the colour of them and they are large enough.  The only thing is that the ribbing at the top might be a bit tight for him, so I’m going to look through other sock patterns to see if there is a way of doing the top slightly differently.

Also looking at getting some Crystal Palace yarns for the shop, as an alternative to Noro, which I think is so scratchy and rough that I’ve never wanted to knit with it.

Next up… not sure… Got some things to finish off.  Knit and Natter starts again on Wednesday so I need to have something to take along.  Perhaps I need to make some serious attempts to finish the scandinavian blanket.


2 thoughts on “FO: More socks

  1. Nice socks!

    There are some elastic cast-on methods that will make edge less tight, I think Jenny of the surprisingly stretchy bind-off has a cast-on to match.

    And you could do the ribbing just on the same size of needles as the main part, or even a larger one. That’s the brilliant thing about knitting your own: you can customise every bit!

    I have to say I love scratchy yarns, so Noro is no problem for me. And I like wool that still smells of sheep. But I’ve always been weird like that 🙂

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