I learnt to spin the other night!

For my birthday in January, my brother gave me a drop spindle beginners kit.  It came with a nice Ashford top whorl spindle, 2 bags of fibre and a “learn to spin” book.

It’s beautiful, but it’s just been sat there because I couldn’t really fathom out what to do.  I started reading the book but it was just going over my head.

So the other night I went along to a different knitting group who meet in South Brent (about 15 minutes from my house) and a lovely person called Terri, who I’d talked to on Ravelry, showed me how to get going.  She broke the process down for me into steps (Pinch, Spin, Park, Draft, Pinch…), so I could see what happens with drafting and twisting etc.

By the end of the night I’d spun a reasonable amount of fibre and… and …. plied it!  It’s not great – it goes thick and thin, but I think I quite like slubby yarn and I was quite chuffed with myself 🙂

My first attempt at spinning on a drop spindle

When I got home, I started to re-read the book again and this time it made much more sense.

Now the question is will I remember how to do it on it my own without Terri there to help me?!


One thought on “I learnt to spin the other night!

  1. That yarn looks beeeautiful and I think you’re a natural spinner. I’m sure it’ll come flooding back when you next have a go!
    But you know where I am if you need help (spending far too much time on Ravelry!) and you were a very attentive student!

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