KNIT Expo in Exeter

Last Saturday afternoon I popped up to Exeter to check out KNIT Expo – an event happening at the Arts Centre with stalls, masterclasses, music and “performances”.

I’d heard about it on Ravelry and was thinking about having a stall there, but decided that I had too much going on to do that.

Not sure what I made of the event to be honest.  There were two rooms to visit.  The main auditorium where there were a number of stalls plus cafe style tables and chairs where you could sit and knit, and a stage where the performances took place.  You could also write your thoughts about knitting and pin them to a notice board.  Upstairs was another room where the masterclasses were being held and more stalls.

There seemed to a be a fair few visitors which was good but it felt a bit squashed in both rooms.  The “arty” side of things wasn’t my cup of tea really and I’m not sure whether anyone was really listening to the poetry reading that happened whilst I was there.  It wasn’t like the reading was knitting related either. It was a bit odd.

I did however pick up a couple of skeins of cashmere from Devon Fine Fibres.  It’s soooo soft.  The owner had the prettiest looking stall too.

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