Sunshine and crafting – a perfect weekend!

We’re have a spell of beautiful weather here at the moment.  Glorious blue skies and warm sunshine.  Don’t know how long it will last though.  I’m going to a wedding on Friday so I hope that it lasts all week.

But I’ve not been spending my time sunbathing.. oh no.. I’ve been doing lots of crafting, particularly this weekend.

On Saturday I went to the Duchy Arts Centre in Princetown on Dartmoor (near the famous prison!) where I took a weaving course with textile artist Jillian Morris.  She produces some lovely woven art work and accessories and I had a very nice day indeed.  The workshop was to weave a bag.   Jill had already set up the loom before I got there to save time, so all I had to do was pick the yarn I wanted to use and I could begin.

I picked some pretty recycled sari yarn and contrasting wool to use as the bias edging and began.  I decided to keep things simple as I’d not done any weaving before and chose to do some plain weaving and make a straight piece which I could fold and sew up to make the bag.  I could have done a technique whereby you weave the back and front of the bag at the same time, but that would have require more concentration and I thought I’d better master the basics first.

Starting to weave

The piece grew very quick and I got into a good rhythm.  I managed to keep the edges pretty straight which I was pleased with.  We made a twisted chord for the handle, but the sewing in of the warp ends took me ages and I didn’t have time to finish the bag completely.  That will be on my list of jobs to do this week if I get time.

The piece is growing

As soon as I got home, I started googling looms.  I think this could become a new hobby.  It takes time to prepare the loom and then to finish off, but the actual weaving is pretty quick.

On Sunday I wasn’t in the mood for sewing up the bag, but I was in the mood for sewing.  So in between pottering in the garden in the sunshine, I started another Melly and Me toy – Clucky.  I had some fat quarters in my stash in pretty yellows and blues – real sunshine colours – and thought she’d look quite pretty in these.  I managed to get most of her done before I had to go to church in the evening.  I just have to sew her up at the bottom, add her beak and eyes, and then make some chicks.   She was a bit fiddly to do in places, such as the tail and comb, but otherwise I managed to do everything without asking Mum for any help!  I think I’m slowly getting more confident at sewing.

On the knitting front, the cardigan I’m doing has come to a temporary stop whilst I find some buttons that match.  Don’t want to finish the band without making sure the button holes are the right size for the buttons.  So I’ve picked up the Shimmer shrug that I started just before Christmas and have been doing a bit more on that to finish it off.  I might get it finished at Knit and Natter this week.


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