Rico Can Can Frilly Scarf

We’ve just received a delivery of Rico’s new yarn called Can Can and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  Rico Can Can is a funny sort of yarn – it looks a bit like a fine net or mesh and the idea is that you use it to knit frilly scarves.  The yarn naturally curls as you use it.

rico can can yarn purple mix
Frilly scarf made with Rico Can Can yarn in Purple Mix

The instructions on how to knit with it are on the inside of the label.  They are pretty tiny and the diagrams aren’t easy to understand, but I think I worked it out, at least a method that seems to create the right effect!

It’s available in 8 solid colours and 4 variagated ones.  The shade I used is called Purple Mix.


9 thoughts on “Rico Can Can Frilly Scarf

      1. Has anyone come up with anything else? I’ve seen a great photo of a can-can evening bag, but can’t find a pattern for it. I’m bored of scarves but want to try something else with the rest of my can can!

  1. i’ve brought this friily wool at “q d stores” and online at “paradise yarns”which isn’t as good as qd,but there are loads of choice of colours.I am having a job to find it as cheap at a £1 for 50g ball.Where did you buy yours from?

    1. I bought mine from Hulu. The yarn I bought was the Rico brand and comes in 200g balls for £9.95 though I have seen it at £8.95 on some websites. There are other cheaper brands making the same type of yarn, but it’s not as good apparently (thinner and doesn’t go as frilly).

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