Yarn on holiday

It’s been a while since I last blogged, but I have an excuse… I’ve been holiday in the USA for two weeks.  I love going shopping on holiday, no matter where I am, particularly things like going to the supermarket and seeing what different food and brands are on sale.  I have a particular love of FrootLoops and Milk Duds, when I go the US because you can’t get them here.

And of course, I had to try and visit some craft shops whilst I was away too.

First was Loop and Leaf in Santa Barbara, California.  I only had 10 minutes spare before I had to leave Santa Barbara and head to lunch with a distant relative, but it was a lovely 10 minutes.  There were a few regular customers in there knitting away and I chatted to them as I browsed.

loop and leaf santa barbara

I treated myself to a skein of sock yarn.

A few days later, leaving my friend lying by the pool, I ventured into to Costa Mesa, California where I spent a delightful afternoon visiting first Suzoo’s Wool Works, Piecemakers Country Store, and finally Joann Fabrics.

I had a very nice chat with the owner of Suzoo’s Wool Works and bought a cute pattern to make Sheldon the turtle, using Frog Tree Alpaca yarn.  I thought it was not only a cute pattern, but a nice way to try out the yarn too.

Piecemakers Country Store is a real treasure trove with lots of gifts and craft items in every nook and cranny. Their quilt pattern calendars are extremely popular and I picked one up for Mum along with some fat quarters and a quilting magazine.

piecemakers country store

Finally Joann’s where almost everything was on sale.  I got some more fat quarters and some embroidery thread for Mum.

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