It’s been a while…

… since I last blogged.  My wool and fabric shop business is growing nicely but it does mean that I’m incredibly busy basically working two jobs (I still have my job as a website designer). I”m gradually increasing the ranges of yarns that we stock and the Moda fabric is coming in, with a new collection every few weeks.  We had our first knitting workshop last week (Continental Knitting taught by Anniken Allis) and held a Yarn Tasting evening last night.  Everyone seemed to have a good time at both events and we’ve got two more workshops planned for November.  Tomorrow I’m going to KTOG4, a knitting event being held in Ashburton.  I’ve not been before but I think it’s basically a big Knit and Natter, with a few classes going on, a few yarn stalls (including mine!) and an exhibition of knitted items, plus plenty of cake!

So it hasn’t left all that much time for doing any knitting or even sewing for that matter.  I have finished a tunic cardigan though, which I will blog about when I’ve taken a photo.  Initially it will be on display in the shop, but when I no longer need it there, I will wear it myself.  I’m quite pleased with it.

I do want to knit a sleeveless or short sleeved jumper though, with cables.  I’ve seen lots in the shops at the moment and keep thinking that I must be able to knit my own but it’s a matter of finding the right pattern. I’ve been looking on Ravelry and through my own pattern books, but haven’t quite found what I have in mind yet.  I wish I had time to try and design my own.

So I think that tonight’s knitting, if I do any rather than sitting in front of the computer working, is back to a blanket that I started months ago.

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