Knitting Church

I’m a Christian and another Christian friend of mine sent me this link to an article about a Knit and Natter group that has evolved into a fresh expression of church.

As a host of a knit and natter group, I often wonder about how I can talk to the other members of the group about my faith.  I’ve mentioned in the course of conversation that I do go to church, but I’ve not said much else about it. I’m not aware that anyone else in the group is a Christian either.  I ought to challenge myself a bit harder to try and talk about it. Maybe tomorrow night..?


3 thoughts on “Knitting Church

  1. Shame you aren’t closer, we have a vicar ( @knittingvicar ) in our group! I’m sure once you start the subject off that people will be happy to join in. I’m not a Christian but I do like to hear about other people’s faith.

  2. Hi Vicky, thanks for that link. very interesting. I’m a Christian too and worship at a local evangelical church. I even knit in church some times. I do mention my faith on my blog sometimes but it can be difficult to know exactly what to say as I’m worrried about upsetting people.

    We’ve had a few discussions at our knitting group in town about religions and I’ve said that I’m a christian. They can sometimes get quite heated.

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