Casting on Rico Pompon

So I got a ball of Rico Pompon yarn yesterday. Someone brought a similar yarn to knit and natter one night about a year ago, but none of us could figure out how to knit with it.

But now that I’m selling it in the shop, I took a ball home to get to grips with it. I spent some time watching various instructional videos on YouTube last night; some where very helpful, others a bit brief and didn’t explain things as well. The common factor in all of them was the way you knit with it once you get going. However I came across three different ways to cast on.

If you’ve not knit with Pompon before, what you basically do is knit two stitches with each length of “string” between each pompom.

Now the first method of casting on I watched, was to cast on 12 stitches with the “knit on” method, casting on two stitches between each pompom as you do when you are knitting a regular row. I tried this and whilst it worked fine, I struggled to keep it loose. The stitches were tight and the pompoms on the cast on row were squashed.

The second method was to cast 12 stitches but just one between each pompom. Whilst it made knitting the first row a lot easier, it looked too loose and messy. My least favourite method.

The third method was very interesting and you cast on two stitches between each pompom, but the first stitch was created by wrapping the yarn around the needle, taking it, twisting it and putting it back on again, and then knit into that stitch to create the second stitch. You can see the video here:

Each of the videos I watched had good and bad points about them, so I’m going to try and make my own at the weekend. So watch this space if you want to know all about knitting with Rico Pompon.


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