Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year

The days between Christmas and New Year are funny aren’t they? I’m not at work and enjoying the time off.  It’s such a luxury to be able to watch films in the afternoon or sit and read a book after getting dressed late and eating Christmas cake for breakfast!

I only did one bit of Christmas knitting this year – a scarf for my brother which he’d requested.  Knitting in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in green and white stripes. He was pleased with it. I was pleased with it too… note the hem which I tried for the first time with the help of this Knitting Daily article. I found some of the comments particularly helpful, for instance, knitting the first part of the hem on smaller needles, and at the finishing end of the scarf, picking up the bumpy bit of the stitch on the wrong side of the fabric to bind off.

james green white scarf

I also make some knitted Christmas cards for my family! When I say knitted Christmas cards, I mean, I crocheted a snowflake using this pattern from the Attic24 blog, and knitted a robin and christmas tree (patterns made up as I went along) and mounted them on card.  I didn’t knit the WHOLE card itself 😉  It was a bit of a rush on Christmas Eve getting them finished (I left them rather late) but the family were delighted with them.

knitted christmas cards

4 thoughts on “Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year

  1. We had a big delivery of this yarn last year and sold it out in a week-re ordering meant a 2 month wait so ordered new print colours and they have now arrived.Sirdar a bit slow on the uptake for them are bringinging out a very similar yarn but better I think -its not available until february but the colours are wonderful and a scarf will be reversible and a free pattern-watch out fo Sirdar Salsa!!

    1. Yes I’ve seen Sirdar’s Salsa. However whilst I like the reversible effect you can get and the different colours, it is much thinner and smaller and I don’t think it looks as good.

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