Vic’s Knits is 4 years old

Happy New Year to you, and Happy Blogiversary to me.

I can’t believe that I’ve been writing this blog for 4 years now and a lot has happened in that time with regards to my knitting. I’ve gone from a beginner to a yarn shop owner.

In my new year post, I usually like review the past year’s knitting achievements and my goals for the forthcoming year.  This time last year I said I wanted to:

  • learn to crochet to a reasonable level – Well, I did a little bit of crochet, but not a lot.  I crocheted a snowflake on Christmas Eve!
  • learn continental knittingdone!
  • make some patchwork bags – nope although I made some soft toys and an apron!
  • write the retro cardigan pattern I’ve wanted to do for ages – nope!
  • finish more projects that I did the previous yearyep!

So that was a semi successful knitting year I think!

What will 2011 bring I wonder?  I’m hoping that business in the shop will continue to grow and I will be able to give up the website development work that I’m still doing.  In terms of knitting goals, well I think:

  • do more crochet
  • practice the continental knitting that I learned recently
  • make the patchwork bags from the kits I have
  • make a patchwork quilt
  • write that cardigan pattern
  • finish the scallop blanket that I started months ago
  • finish the possum hat I started over a year ago!
  • finish at least the same number of knitting projects if not more
  • blog more

What are your crafting resolutions for 2011? Let me know in the comments below.

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