FO: Purple Plaid Scarf

Having bought a stand for my loom (and a second heddle kit for when I’m more advanced!) and a book called The Weaver’s Idea Book: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom, I was keen to get weaving again.  We were away last weekend at a wedding in Norfolk so didn’t find any time until Friday night to start weaving again.

This is my second woven project – a plaid scarf.  There were 86 ends warped as follows: 8 purple, 4 mauve, 4 green, 4 mauve , finishing with 8 purple.  The yarn I used for both warp and weft is some Rowan Wool Cotton that was in the stash.  I used a 10dpi reed.

purple plaid scarf

On the whole I’m pleased.  It’s really soft and I’d weave with that yarn again.  Certainly the weaving itself looks more even (not sure if that’s me getting better or just the yarn I used) and the edges, although not perfect are better than on my first scarf.  The disappointing thing is the ends that are poking out where I’ve changed colour.  I need to sort out what it best to do when it comes to all the little ends.  It’s not a balanced weave either, i.e. the number of rows per inch aren’t the same as the number of ends (warps) per inch.  I tried beating really hard and the yarn didn’t want to go any tighter.  But the effect is still nice.  I probably should have used a 7.5dpi reed to get the balanced weave.

It only took me two evenings to make too.  I do like the speed of weaving.

I’ve ordered some Noro Kureyon to try weaving some fabric which I could turn into a bag.  I saw a project on Ravelry where someone has done that, and the bag is brilliant!  Can’t wait to do some more weaving, but I really need to get back to the knitting too.  I have far too many things on the go that I ought to finish.


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