Weaving again

I’ve been knitting a lace edged dress from Debbie Bliss’ new book, Riva, using Riva yarn, however the pieces are now all languishing at the bottom of the knitting bag because it’s turned out quite big and I don’t have the heart to rip it out and do it smaller.  I can’t decide whether to sew it up anyway and hope that it won’t look like a tent once I put it on, or to start again.  It didn’t take that long to do the front and back (the sleeves are ok) so I could redo it I suppose.  Feel a bit disheartened. I should have realised it might be too big.  Debbie Bliss’ smallest size is usually still a bit big for me.

So I decided I would warp my loom and do some weaving as I haven’t done any for ages!

I’m using Rowan Silk Wool that I had in the stash and am doing a simple stripy pattern.  I’ve been trying to practise carrying the yarn up the side as I change colours.  My edges are quite neat in places, but then occasionally go a bit messy.  But I just have to practise I guess!

Mum and I went to the Hobbycraft show at Westpoint today and I was looking an inkle loom on the Lakeside Crafts stand.  I was actually looking at them online last night, so it was good timing. I think I might ask for one for Christmas from Mum and Dad. I’ve read that you can weave inkle loom type bands on a rigid heddle loom but have yet to find out exactly how that works!

Something else that I haven’t fully understood is the way cotton yarns are classified. I must research yarn counts and try and understand what it’s all about.


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