FO: Drop Stitch Scarf Bohemia Scarf

Sirdar have a new yarn out called Bohemia. It’s a single ply super chunky yarn in variegated colours.  The suggestion on the ball band is to use it to knit a drop stitch scarf.  I’d never actually knitted a drop-stitch scarf before, so thought it was about time I did.  And here’s the result:


It is knitted on 20mm needles, and fortunately I had a pair which were a freebie with a knitting magazine some time ago. I thought that maybe the huge needles would be a bit awkward to handle, but they were surprisingly ok.

I had a little trouble with the casting on to be honest. I tried it lots of different ways, but for some reason, it pulled in each time and also left a big loop on one side.  I don’t know why it did this. I had to do it really loosely to get it looking fairly normal.

However once finished, I was really pleased with the result.

You can get Sirdar Bohemia yarn here if you fancy having a go.

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