Christmas Presents

I hope that you had a good Christmas.  We did 😀  It’s been a very relaxing week where I’ve just done some knitting, playing on the Wii and eating lots of good food.

Did you get any knitting related gifts?  I got a couple of books:


Handweaver’s Pattern Book: An Illustrated Reference to Over 600 Fabric Weaves


An inkel loom!

The loom is from Lakeside Crafts, a husband and wife team who make some beautiful knitting/weaving/crochet tools and equipment.  My inkle loom is just as good as an Ashford one.  We saw them at a craft show in Exeter and I did ponder at the time, about getting an inkle loom from them. Mum kept their card and arranged it for my Christmas present.

The band I’ve started is being woven with some Rico Essentials Cotton DK yarn, a mercerised cotton and I’m really pleased with how it is turning out for a first attempt.  My edges are getting neater as I am progressing with it.  I’ve yet to try a pick up technique to get some sort of pattern in the band.  I’ll do that with the next one!

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