The Art of Quilting

When I first started this blog, I had just started to collect issues of a partwork magazine called The Art of Knitting.  Knitting a blanket square every week from this magazine really got me going with my knitting and I ended up with a lovely blanket.

A couple of years later the publishers started a series called The Art of Crochet. I bought a few issues, but I’ve never really been taken with doing crochet very much.

However yesterday, Mum picked up a copy of the Art of Quilting, another new title from the publishers. Each week you get some fabric and instructions to sew a block, which will form part of a lovely looking quilt.

the art of quilting magazine

I’m hoping that by starting to collect this magazine for a while, that it will give me the motivation I need to get sewing…

3 thoughts on “The Art of Quilting

  1. Can you give me any information as to how I can obtain a copy of Art of Quilting issue number one as my son who lives abroad has asked me to trey to get it for him.

  2. I started the Art Of Knitting throw as well. Have about 30 squares now but I can’t complete it because the newsagent stopped ordering them for me. I understand the wool was created especially for the project so I have been trying to get similar colours, and repeating the patterns I already have. I would love some more patterns…yours is beautiful. I daren’t purchase from AoK because it is simply too expensive these days.
    If you could help a bit with new square instructions I would be very very grateful.

    Jo Sharpe

    PS: I struggle STILL with purl!! Why is this?! Bah!

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