FO: Entrelac Cowl

I’m very excited about my latest finished knitting project, which took me just 3 evenings to knit.

You may remember that I received a book on Entrelac knitting for Christmas. Well I was keen to try out the technique, so I decided to try the cowl pattern from the book, using Rico Galaxy Chunky yarn – a yarn I’ve been eager to use.

And this is how it turned out…

I absolutely love the entrelac technique. I even got the hang of knitting backwards (as taught in the book) which saves you from keep turn the work around every few stitches.

The pattern in the book uses a DK yarn, whereas I wanted to use a chunky, so I based the cowl on 4 base triangles, rather than the 6 given in the pattern.

I loved the yarn too. It’s a single ply, so you have to be careful not to split the stitches, but I loved the variegated colours and the sequins add a bit of sparkle.

I want to knit an entrelac cushion I think, perhaps with a different stitch pattern, rather than just plain old stocking stitch.


7 thoughts on “FO: Entrelac Cowl

      1. Hi Vicky. Thanks for your quick reply, I didn’t know if I’d hear from you. Do you mind if I use the picture of your beautiful entrelac cowl you have posted? I bought some of the yarn, and I’d like to list it on ebay with my other yarns. I can reference you and your blog.
        Either way, thank you!!!

      2. Wonderful – because that cowl is stunning! How -exactly- do you want the reference to read? I’ll include exactly what you state!

      3. Perhaps you could put a link to my blog and something like (c) Vicky Hammerstein. Used with permission.

        Perhaps you send me a link so I can see it too. Thanks 🙂

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