Art of Quilting Block 4

I was quite excited on Thursday to go to the newsagent and pick up issue 4 of the Art of Quilting and I got started on the block straight after dinner on Thursday evening.

However I made a mistake… I decided to use Mum’s already cut templates, rather than cutting new ones out from the diagram in the magazine… and this is where the problem began.  The Art of Quilting templates are fractionally smaller than Mum’s.  I’m guess that they are metric sizes, instead of the traditional imperial sizes.  But I thought… it’s only a fraction, will it make much difference?

Oh yes.. it did.  When I sewed the block together, it came out bigger than the rest and because of the design, I wouldn’t just be able to trim it down.

So guess what I did this afternoon?  I undid it all, cut the shapes to the proper size and redid the block.  This time, it came out the same size as the rest!

art of quilting block 4

It’s not a great magazine to be honest. I think that it lacks some information which beginners would find helpful; facts and tips that I’ve learned from my Mum.  But it’s giving me confidence on the sewing machine which I need, so I’ll carry on with it for a little while longer.

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