Back to inkle weaving

I’d tried and failed to learn how to do the pick up method to make some more interesting inkle bands, despite downloading various tutorials. So I pre-ordered The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory from Amazon, which a number of people on Ravelry were eagerly waiting for.

It’s written by Anne Dixon who is the author of the very popular Handweaver’s Pattern Book: An Illustrated Reference to Over 600 Fabric Weaves

It was finally released and delivered a few weeks ago and this week I opened it up and sat back in front on my inkle loom.

I still had some Rico Essentials Cotton yarn from my previous band, so to get back into the grove I thought I would try a simple pattern from the book and it looked terrible. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong, but it was looking like a normal balanced weave that I might do on my rigid heddle loom, not a warped faced weave. I did my first band fine, so don’t know why I was struggling with this one. I did wonder if it was partly down to using a DK yarn which is quite thick. I posted a question on Ravelry about it and was told that I probably wasn’t pulling it in tight enough.

So last night I had another go and the poster was right. I pulled it all much tighter and it started looking much more like it should.


I’m still not completely happy with the thick yarn, so I’ve ordered some finer yarn from The Handweavers Studio in brown, red and white, to try some other designs.

I was telling my boyfriend about it and he wants me to take the loom over to his house this weekend. He fancies trying to make a loom and if successful, it could be a product for me to sell in my shop.

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