Sock Knitting for beginners

Found this website (via Ravelry) with step by step instructions for knitting socks. Have found it helpful to remind myself of certain parts so thought I’d just mention it here.

Silver’s Sock Class


4 thoughts on “Sock Knitting for beginners

  1. Thank you so much for this! I am not a beginner, but in 40 years of knitting I have never, ever attempted a sock! So you have inspired me, am off to the yarn shop this morning to get my needles! Think this will be my project for ME over the festive period. Happy Christmas!

  2. Hi Vic! You seem to be very busy and a really expert knitter, so I’m not sure if this will interest you, but I’ll mention it anyway … My name is Tilda, and I came looking for knitting-focused (and craft) blogs for a reason. I do a Blog Challenge, which until now has been focused mainly on writing and a photo challenge. I would like to introduce some more creative elements to the next Challenge, however, which is due to start fairly soon, and I have been thinking of adding a knitting part to the Challenge (as well as drawing, painting, poetry and probably other crafts). But before I commit to a knitting challenge, for example, I need to go around some knitting-focused blogs to ask if any knitters would be interested in participating.

    Do you think that might be something that would interest you or your followers? The knitting challenge would simply be that I would offer two themes and then knitters could knit anything they like based on either theme, whichever they prefer. For example the themes might be “rustic” and “sparkle”. Then the knitter (or other craft) could choose whichever theme they prefer and make *anything* they like as long as it incorporates that theme.

    If they like, they could participate in the rest of the Challenge and be eligible to earn Awards to be displayed on their blog, and win prizes, but that is purely optional. Here’s my blog in case you’d like to take a look at the current Challenge and if you think you or anyone else would be interested in participating if I included some more creative aspects to it, including knitting and crafts, would you let me know?

    I’m not trying to plug my blog; I just need to know before I start a more creative challenge if any knitters etc. would know where to find it, or whether they’d even be interested! Thank you so much for your time, and either way, good luck with all your projects! 🙂

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