My wedding plans

Life is a busy, busy, busy at the moment. My priority is my wedding on 25th May. We didn’t give ourselves very long to organise it as we only booked it in January.

My wedding dress is being made by a local wedding dressmaker and on Saturday I went shopping with my bridesmaid for her dress. Why are all possible bridesmaid dresses in the shops, all in such bold colours at the moment?! I actually came back from the shopping trip and ordered a leaf green dress that I’d seen on the Internet before we went.

bridesmaid dress from Phase Eight

Here’s hoping that it will fit her as they didn’t have it in the shop to actually try on. If it doesn’t fit her, then we did see another dress which looked nice on her, but the colour is very similar to the bridesmaid dress I’m wearing for another friend in 3 weeks time and I didn’t want to “copy” my friend!

I thought that our bouquets can be made up of cream and pink flowers which would contrast with the green dress nicely. Another friend came over on Saturday afternoon and we spent over 2 hours looking through wedding flower magazines looking for ideas!

Last night I spent the evening making my tiara. Tiaras in the shops are soooo expensive, but my friend Possum pointed me in the direction of these kits to make a tiara. They are much more affordable so I bought one. If it looks naff when it’s finished, then I’ve not lost much money and there is still time to go out and buy a tiara.

I wanted to get something knitted into the wedding somehow, so I think I’m going to knit my garter. There are a few patterns on Ravelry that I saw. They have a blue ribbon in them too, so that will be my “something blue”. I’m hoping I might have some Serena yarn left over in cream from a top I knitted a couple of summers ago, to make it in.

I’m still doing a bit of knitting though – a summer cardigan in Rico’s new Fashion Summer yarn (a cotton tape yarn) which will go on display in the shop. However I always knit shop displays in my own size so that I can wear them if I want to as well 😉



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