I made a lampshade!

Not a lot happening here on the crafting front these past couple of months.

At the end of September Mum, hubby and I went to the craft show at Westpoint, Exeter. It’s something Mum and I do every year and this year, my husband thought he’d come along too out of interest, bless him! I was fairly restrained. Bought some pinflair glue for my mother-in-law and some fabric with VW camper vans on. Not sure what I’ll make with it yet… maybe cushions for our VW T5 van which we are planning to convert to a camper one day.


I haven’t really done much knitting at all. There’s a secret project on the sticks at the moment which I can’t talk about but I’m just not feeling inspired. Not sure why. I have started a top-down jacket but I think it’s going to be too small, so the thought of starting again has made me put it down and not pick it up again.

I’ve only done a little bit of work on my quilt too.

However the Saturday before last, we hosted a lampshade making workshop in the shop, and thanks to my Mum for minding the shop, I was able to join in a make a lampshade too. The class was taught by Ruth from Quincy Lampshades and she was a great teacher: she explained things very well, and we all went home excited and pleased with how our lampshades turned out.

My husband was impressed when I got home and immediately hung it in the spare room.

my lampshade

You can see some photos of the workshop on the Hulu Crafts Facebook page.

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