My first moebius

I’m hoping the knitting hiatus has ended. The other night I knit my first moebius cowl… in just a couple of hours and now I’m on my second.

first moebius

Earlier this year we hosted a workshop taught by Alison Crowther-Smith on how to knit a moebius but I was too busy to join in. I kept saying I would have a go though, and so tonight I watched Cat Bordhi’s YouTube video on how to cast on for a moebius and away I went.

Knitting the first row was a bit tricky as I think I cast on a bit tight, but once I’d done the first half round, the rest was straight forward. The pattern was the bulky mobius cowl which I found on Ravelry. Ideally I think I would have cast on another 4 or 6 stitches as it is a little tight to put over my head, but I wouldn’t want it much longer when wearing it.

I used a ball of Lang yarn which I’d bought on a whim over a year ago. I’m hoping there’s enough left from the first moebius, to knit this second.

Think I’m going to knit a longer one for my sister-in-law too. I’m loving it!

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