Make a trendy scarf without a lot of sewing!

This week I made this scarf. We had some woven ikat fabric from the Midwinter Reds collection delivered to the shop and the fabric designs, Minick & Simpson are giving away a free pattern on how to make one of these scarves… so I thought I’d give it a go!

It wasn’t hard to make, just a little time-consuming teasing out the threads to make the fringe.

midwinter reds scarf

I was pleased to learn a new skill whilst making this scarf… I used the rolled hem foot on one of our sewing machines, to hem the sides of the scarf. I’d never done this before, but was really, really pleased with how professional the hem can look.

The only thing I found was that as I handled the fabric, my hands started going a bit red. The dye does seem to come out as you rub the fabric, so I have washed it before wearing it. Ikat is a dyeing technique like tie-dye, so I think this is probably why the colour might bleed.

We’re selling a pack containing the fabric and instruction sheet in the shop and on the website, if you fancy making one.


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